The Jubilee of Mercy itineraries in Siena

Pope Francesco announced that from December the 8th 2015 to November the 20th 2016 will be celebrated an extraordinary Jubilee, defined by the Pope himself a “Jubilee of Mercy”, a year for the Church to “rediscover and make fruitful the mercy of God”.

The history of Jubilee

The Jubilee is a tradition of the Christian Church that dates back to the 1300, when a holy year was summoned by Pope Boniface VIII.
In the Catholic Church a Jubilee means a Year when is given the chance to obtain the remission of sins and Universal Pardon. But, actually a Jubilee is not just that: it’s the opportunity to find time to rediscover and focus on the spiritual part of our life and live out this important piece of our existence.

Siena the city of Saint Catherine and San Bernardino

Our beautiful city used to be the city of Saint Catherine, one of the most well-known religiuos personality of her time and also for other important mystics.

Saint Catherine was a unique personality and during the period of her life and during the following centuries she was considered, together with Saint Therese d’Avila, to have played such an important role in theological studies that were declared Doctors of the Church.
Now Saint Catherine of Siena is one of one of Europe's patron saints and still has an important role in the life of the city itself.

Though having a different resonance and role in the history of the Catholic Church, San Bernardine of Siena as well is well-known for being a great preacher and played a very important role for iconography.

Siena, Rome and the Via Fracigena

The hearth of the Christianity is Rome, and Siena is linked to this important piece of our culture in many ways.
One of the most evident is the Via Francigena, an ancient route that goes from France to Rome, and that in the old times was often used by pilgrims to reach their destination.

In the last years the Via Francigena has been rediscovered not only by the pilgrims, but also by those who are visiting Tuscany and are looking for a different point of view. This route accords you a unique chance to feel a pure contact with Nature and, not just imagining how it would have been going on a pilgrimage during the ancient times, but it gives you the opportunity to walk on the exact path the antique pilgrims used to do while travelling to Rome carrying a not-so-very-different mood.

reading about the ancient Via Francigena

If you’re fluent in Italian I’d suggest you a nice book about the travel from Siena to Rome on the Via Francigena onto the Jubilee of 1600.

Go for the guide

These are only a few examples of what a tour in Siena in occasion of the Jubilee of Mercy in 2015 would be like.

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